Elementra wins Band of the Year 2018

Helen Marie and Associates win Band of the Year

by Linda Straker

  • Elementra is Band of the Year
  • Helen Marie and Associates breaks 10-year second place streak

Helen Marie and Associates presentation of “Elementra” for 2018 broke its tradition of placing second like it has done for more than ten years and brought home the “Band of the Year” title.

Elementra displayed the concept of the essence of life as defined by the elements of nature. The five sections were:

  • Aquarius – The element lifeform of Water
  • Inferno – The element lifeform of Fire
  • Eden – The element lifeform of Earth
  • Whirlwind – The element lifeform of Wind
  • Metallica – The element lifeform of Metal.
Helen Marie and Associates win Queen of the Band

Only 4 queens and 5 kings participated in the King and Queen of the Bands competition on Sunday night, where Elementra won Queen of the Band title, while its King placed second.

The Band of the Year title is awarded to a carnival band that has participated in the King and Queen of the Bands competition.

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