GRENSAC Day – When one flies, all soar

Grenada Students’ Association (GRENSAC) at their first annual GRENSAC day event

On Tuesday, 31 July, members of the Grenada Students’ Association (GRENSAC) of the esteemed University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus hosted their first annual GRENSAC day event.

This event was situated in the vicinity of the Esplanade Mall, Melville Street, with the goal of inspiring others to improve their lives and the lives of their families through higher education. The role of higher education in the lives of Grenadian youths is the key to improving the lives of the individuals as well as benefiting our beautiful island socially and economically. Thus, with this in mind, GRENSAC thought it prudent to go out and encourage others to take the opportunity to attend The University of the West Indies.

“I want to, but I don’t have the money for that,” was one of the popular concerns that the members of the GRENSAC executive were faced with as dozens of pamphlets were given out to the youths around the area. Fortunately, these concerns were easily eradicated as members provided information in regards to what UWI Cavehill has to offer. For instance, this university gives a feeling of comfort and reassurance through the innumerable scholarships offered such as the Sir Arthur Lewis Award that covers the full cost of tuition and economic cost for applicable students.

GRENSAC’s Vice President Kinda De Bellotte truly believes that what is hindering Grenada today is the satisfaction many Grenadians get from simply acquiring a high school or college degree. We need to go beyond just that. Thus, Grenadian youths should try stepping out of their comfort zones to obtain good jobs and become even more successful. This would not only benefit the individual but the country as a whole.

The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus offers a maximum of 250 programmes that can enable an individual to succeed in various fields of study. The faculties of Law, Science and  Technology, Humanities and Education, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences cater and appeal to almost every interest. There are no limitations to what you can do, and the opportunities present at The UWI and the members of Grenada Students’ Association have proudly reminded the public of this undeniable fact. According to Lyndon B Johnson, “Education is not a problem. Education is an opportunity.”

Grenada Students’ Association (GRENSAC) at their first annual GRENSAC day event

GRENSAC is always looking for new ways to encourage persons to pursue higher education. As a result, every year the organisation holds an orientation for new students to help allay any fears that may arise concerning travelling to Barbados to study. GRENSAC uses this opportunity to meet new students, answer their questions and give tips on settling into university life. This year’s orientation will be hosted on Thursday, 16 August at The UWI Open Campus. GRENSAC is also pleased to announce that this year, we will be joined by the students’ association from St Augustine and Mona campuses. We urge all new and current students to come out to this event. As the Cave Hill  mantra asserts, “One Flies, All Soar.”

Carolyn Harris
Welfare Officer, GRENSAC

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