NY Alumni Association donates US$10,000 to Presentation Brothers College

Past students with PBC Principal Dominic Jeremiah

by Linda Straker

  • US$10,000 from NY Alumni Association raised through past students’donations and fundraisers
  • PBC will administer educational grant assistance programme

One of the two secondary schools in St George’s which caters for boys is now in a better position to assist needy students through an educational grant assistance programme which has received foundational funding from past students.

Kellon Bubb — class of 1997 — and President of the Presentation Brothers College (PBC) Alumni Association in New York, on Wednesday, handed over US$10,000 to the school’s principal Dominic Jeremiah. “When we give back to the institution we are giving back to a worthy cause,” said Bubb who explained that the school would be responsible for administering the student assistance programme.

“It’s always a pleasure to give back,” he said in the short ceremony that was witnessed by other past students, current staff and students.

Jeremiah said that caring and paying attention to the students are very important and the realisation of the assistance programme is an initiative that started as a casual conversation. “There is a section of our mission statement which reminds us that caring for our students is one of the things we are supposed to be focused on, and a few years ago as a school community we reflected on that and we came to the conclusion that paying attention to our students is not only in the academic, but their other needs are as important as caring for the academic.”

“We realise that without one the other generally suffers, so we came up with this conversation. We started this conversation with the alumni association in New York, and they came to the conclusion that was one of the things they wanted to focus on,” he said.

The money was realised through various fundraising activities and contributions from past students.

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