Over 400 students have benefited from FLOW’s scholarship programme

Flow Scholarship programme 2018 awardees

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Scholarship Programme in its 27th year
  • Facilitates books, uniforms, transportation costs and exam fees
  • Students awarded based on merit

A parent of one of the 2015 scholarship recipients, Arthur Lewis, said he is profoundly grateful that his son, Akhenaten Lewis, continues to be assisted to attend the Grenada Boys Secondary School, through the annual Flow Scholarship Programme

“The scholarship is having a powerful impact on my son. It is keeping his focus because he knows that he not only represents himself and our family, but he also represents a reputable company, and therefore at all times he must carry himself in a certain way. Since he also knows that the scholarship is for scholars, therefore, he must maintain a certain level of academic performance.”

Over the past 27 years, telecommunications company Flow has provided over 400 students with full-tuition scholarships towards their secondary school education.

The Flow Scholarship Programme collaborates with the Ministry of Education every year to award students based on merit, by facilitating books, uniforms, transportation costs and exam fees. While students receive subsidies for the 5 years of secondary school, 2 exceptional students are also selected to receive coverage into their 2 years at the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

This year, 9 students were awarded full-tuition scholarships based on outstanding academic performance in primary school.

  • Nathaniel Garraway
  • Jedidah Henry
  • Dianna Joseph
  • Halley Joseph
  • Kiara Joseph
  • Jemil Thomas
  • Cordella Thomas
  • Takesha Williams
  • Ashless Brathwaite

Country Manager James Pitt reminded students of their obligation to ensure that they maintain a high level of academic performance. “This is the beginning of your journey, your efforts coupled with the right attitude has allowed you to be in this position. In the spirit of this year’s theme “Challenging your best self…Maximising your true Potential” I encourage you to challenge yourself and make the best use of this opportunity.”

In addition to the 9 students, another 7 received awards for excellence with an additional 9 receiving awards for commendable academic performance.

Academic Excellence

  • 2014-2019            Vonnel Samuel, Nazim Chasteau
  • 2015-2020            Lizanne Abel, Chevon Alexis
  • 2016-2021            Afiya Benjamin, Abel Mark
  • 2017-2022            Antwon Paul

Commendable Performances

  • 2015-2020            Akhenaten Hypolite, Shanifer Hayes, Matthew Mc Queen
  • 2016-2021            Rogelle Jeffreys, Kia Clyne, Priya Campbell
  • 2017-2018            Sarah Purcell, Savion Barrett, Aliceson Mc Donald

In the area of sport, Afiya Benjamin who was awarded for academic excellence was also recognised for her outstanding performance in Netball and Athletics.

Curriculum Development Officer within the Ministry of Education, Diane Thomas sought to encourage other corporate citizens to continue to invest in the nation’s youth.

“The Ministry of Education commends FLOW for its scholarship programme that seeks to cover the cost of books, uniform, and transportation allowance. In so doing, families are eased from financial worries and are given some peace of mind. We are encouraged with companies like FLOW which have an appreciation for societal needs and is involved in the development of people and communities. Therefore, I take this opportunity to encourage other corporate citizens to fulfil their social responsibility by investing in our children’s education.”

Speaking on behalf of the parents of the 2018 awardees, Rachel Henry spoke of the importance of having such a scholarship opportunity and also took the opportunity to remind parents of duty towards helping their child succeed. “To my fellow parents, I urge you to continue to encourage and motivate your children, please by that pillar of strength and support that they need during this critical time of their lives.”

During the morning ceremony at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex, the efforts of 8 students who have now graduated from the programme were recognised, after attaining a minimum of 70% grade point average throughout their tenure at the secondary school. These graduates also included 2 students from TAMCC.

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