Prime Minister encourages safe and enjoyable carnival season  

With the festive season in full swing, nationals and visitors alike are being encouraged to keep the carnival season full of enjoyment and free of violence.

Prime Minister, Dr the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell said while the Royal Grenada Police Force will do its part, inclusive of heightened communication, to maintain safety and security, the onus is also on individuals to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

At the most recent Post Cabinet Briefing, Dr Mitchell said, “It is inconceivable that you’re going to a show to enjoy yourself and you’re walking with offensive weapons; clearly you’re not acting in the best interest of society. The police force is going to be aggressive in that respect and searches will be done to ensure that persons are obeying the law because it is an offence to carry a dangerous weapon.”

Dr Mitchell who is also the Minister of National Security, indicated that the entire police force has been mobilised for the festive season and there will be a heightened police presence, particularly near events.

Noting the growing popularity of Grenada’s carnival and the fact that thousands of persons are arriving for the festivities, Dr Mitchell said it is important that Grenada maintain its reputation as a tranquil society and called on everyone to contribute to realising this goal. “Grenada is seen as one of the most peaceful countries in the Caribbean and we have to keep it that way. While it appears to be so in terms of the statistics, we cannot say that we are without problems, so we have to continue to take the necessary steps to maintain the safety and security of nationals and visitors alike.”


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