RGPF carnival security plan successful

RGPF post carnival briefing [L-R] Superintendent Earl Dunbar, ACP Jessmon Prince and Linford Kingston

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • RGPF carnival security plan successful
  • 58 minor accidents recorded; 32 tickets issued for various traffic offences
  • Park and ride and carpooling for future Spicemas events

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) continues to give praise to its officers for their hard work during the carnival season, after what was deemed a successful execution of its carnival security plan by Acting Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin.

The RGPF has reported that this year’s carnival was relatively more peaceful than last year.

According to Officer-in-Charge of CID, Superintendent Earl Dunbar over the carnival period from 10–14 August, the RGPF received 16 complaints ranging from stealing, causing damage to property and grievous harm. However, he indicated for this year reports of such crimes were extremely low. “For us, property crime has been our major concern, but with this carnival, we have seen the complaints coming to us were very low, and we are very happy about that for the simple reason that during this period we somewhat anticipate that there may be a likely increase in property crimes.”

Dunbar said a comparative analysis would be made of last year and this year’s carnival, the results of which will be made public.

Linford Kingston, Officer-in-Charge of the Traffic Department, said the department had its hands full as 58 minor accidents were recorded over the period, with 32 tickets issued for various traffic offences.

The various carnival events created congestion of traffic and Assistant Commissioner of Police Jessmon Prince said next year a carpooling system would be used. “Another major challenge was the control of traffic at the National Stadium during the Groovy and Soca finals. This was quickly resolved when we got the assistance of the Wesley College Ground to accommodate parking. We are going to look seriously at a system of park and ride and carpooling to address congestion of travel for Spicemas events in the future.”

With regards to the RGPF’s zero tolerance of offensive weapons, Prince says from the period 16 July, 6 people were convicted at Grenville the Grenville Magistrate Court and sentenced to 3 months each, while there are other matters still pending in the court in both the southern and western districts.

Prior to the start of Spicemas events, there was a plan in place to have the J’ouvert in St George’s to start much earlier with a 10 am cut off time. However Prince says this plan was abandoned. “What we saw happening is just an exercise of some level of tolerance that we thought will be necessary to employ so as to avoid any unseen reaction from the crowd. But subsequent to the time being passed which is usually 10 o’clock, this year it was the intention to start j’ouvert earlier around 4 o’clock and to finish around 9:30, but that didn’t happen. That was intended to accommodate the Children’s Carnival Frolic which was changed to the Monday. Also, the j’ouvert participants did not assemble until after 5, which further prolonged the cut-off time.”

As a result of a successful carnival operation, the Acting Commissioner has authorised 4 days off to rest which can be taken at the convenience of each officer.

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One thought on “RGPF carnival security plan successful

  1. julius ceasar

    The police I agree tried their best , however , they seemed over welmed , with the crowd at the national stadium for the groovy soca monarch.
    The stadium was over crowded , and they did nothing .
    A little rain fell and my wife was almost trampled upon.
    All isles was filled , in case of and emergency people would have been injured..
    Cause there were no easy exit point.
    I reported the matter to the head of the police at the time , and I was told they are not responsible for securing the stadium.
    I as a west indian speak moving my hands , I was warned not to move my hands , by the officer .
    here I was point out a health and safety issue [OVERCROWDING], and was treated like a trouble maker.

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