The Norris Mitchell Scholarship Award – Final year

Students, relatives and Norris Mitchell

30 June 2018 saw the end of the 4th year at secondary schools for Chelsie Greasely at the St Joseph Convent, St George’s and Kazim Dottin at the St Rose Modern Secondary School at Gouyave, St John.

Both students were promoted to Form 5 – their final year of secondary education; at the end of which they would be sitting their CXC exams in May/June 2019.

The awardees, together with their parents, their former principal, Ian George of the St Peter’s RC School and family friends, met on Wednesday, 8 August 2018 at the St Peter’s RC School with Norris Mitchell to examine and analyse the students’ performance for the past year, and in particular their last term reports in Form 4

In the case of Greasely, her academic results were satisfactory, but special congratulations must be accorded to Dottin for his consistent high performance in general over the past 4 years.

The students were both congratulated by their former principal and Mitchell and received their cheques for the new school year beginning 3 September 2018, in the sum of EC$1,500 each, per annum.

Students, parents and principal expressed their gratitude to Mitchell for returning to assist his Alma Mater and for his contribution to nation building.

Norris Mitchell is the retired principal of Norris Mitchell Associates, Chartered Architect and Urban Planner. Mitchell is also the founder and former President of The Willie Redhead Foundation, a non-governmental heritage conservation organisation.

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