Hotel developer admits to violating infrastructural regulations

Silver Sands development with Grand Anse Beach in the foreground

by Linda Straker

  • Developer of Grand Anse resort under construction has violated infrastructural regulations
  • Heritage advocate launched petition which garnered thousands of signatures

The government has confirmed that the developer of a resort under construction at Grand Anse Beach has violated infrastructural regulations, and the management has accepted to undertake remedial action to resolve the discrepancies.

“The Ministry of Finance Planning, Economic and Physical Development has requested specific adjustments to the Silver Sands Development Project following discrepancies identified,” said a news release from government which did not identify the discrepancies.

“The ministry has been consistently holding discussions with the team of the Silver Sands Development Project since 3 September 2018, with a view to addressing variances to the project that were not approved.” The release was issued after government representatives held discussions with representatives of the project where hundreds of Grenadians are currently employed.

The release explained that on Monday, 17 September 2018, following a high-level meeting attended by the leadership of the ministry, the head of the Physical Planning Unit and the team from Silver Sands, the delegation visited the project site to ascertain the necessary remedial action.

“On-site, the Ministry of Finance further assessed the situation and provided guidance to the developer on the specific adjustments required. Following the site visit, the developer complied with the advice of the team and immediately proceeded to undertake the recommended adjustments,” said the release.

In recent weeks, heritage advocate Randal Robinson has been lobbying for government to act, after it was drawn to the attention of the public that the developers of the hotel which is scheduled to open in November 2018, had violated construction regulations as it pertains to erecting any construction close to a beach.

A wall was under construction, and it was the view of himself and other beach users that the wall violated a section of the 1998 Land Development regulations. The 1998 Land Development Regulations says that the Physical Planning Unit, “shall not authorise any development closer than 165 feet from the high-water mark or on land less than 10 feet above mean sea level or whichever is applicable” for construction.

A portion of the wall was removed by construction workers at the project on Wednesday, 19 September 2018.

Robinson, who is also the public relations officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), launched a petition which garnered thousands of signatures and has since been delivered to the Office of the Prime Minister, calling on government to ensure that the developers comply with national regulations.

The Silver Sands Hotel is a project of Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris. The developer is yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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2 thoughts on “Hotel developer admits to violating infrastructural regulations

  1. Rita

    The Government approved it but not in writing so in case anything is said then they are not involve. I know how corruption works. Been around a lot of croaks but take heed Grenadians and not re elect this man. They been selling the land while you not paying attention. Next you know you like African Americans with no rights.
    Never give these people power in your land when you will never be given in theres

  2. Anonymous

    was long time ago and for 3 day I saw waves 10 feet high grand anse need a huge sea this area a cord or arc can really protect buildings
    .wall technically doesn’t help for many reasons tide is not d problem….surges and fech is d matter…..we have d right peoples in our nation to find a solution !!!

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