Petition to protect Grenada’s beaches garners over 600 signatures in 2 days

Silver Sands development with Grand Anse Beach in the foreground

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada

  • Encroachment petition nears goal of 1,000 signatures
  • Wall contravenes Physical Planning and Development Control Act
  • Silence of Physical Planning Unit and government on this matter

Nearing its goal of 1,000 signatures, the petition to protest the encroachment of Silver Sands Hotel and Villas development project further onto the Grand Anse Beach has gained momentum after being officially launched on Sunday.

Randal Robinson is among advocates leading the charge in protest of a wall being built by the Silver Sands developers who, according to the Physical Planning and Development Control Act, have found themselves in direct contravention of the act which in the Land Development Regulations, Chapter 241A, SRO13 of 19928 part 3 stipulates: “The Authority shall not authorise any development closer than 165 feet (50 m) from the high-water mark or on land less than 10 feet (3 m) above means sea level, whichever is applicable.”

An uproar later ensued in the public domain after the complaints from both Robinson and nearby residents were aired on media, which caught the attention of officers of the Physical Planning Unit. Senior Planning Officer Physical Planning Unit, Fabian Purcell indicated that the matter would be investigated but to date he has not made any public statement on the outcome of their investigation.

Grenadians signing the petition to protect Grenada’s beaches and open spaces

Robinson says the silence of the Physical Planning Unit and government on this matter, has prompted him to take action and he has solicited the public to put pressure on the developers to discontinue the building of a wall structure unto the Grand Anse Beach. “This is 3 weeks, and the encroachment is still there so we decided to escalate action and let the public sign onto a petition asking that the obstruction be removed within a week. So the developers have until Saturday, 22 September but beyond that legal option will have to be considered. Physical option will be considered, and we are still hoping to have a sit down with the developers to have this matter sorted out in a peaceful manner.”

Robinson said the petition has so far been successful. “The online petition has made its way around the world and we are nearing our targeted number of signatures since Grenadians everywhere are really concerned with what is taking place. To think that we can have people come in and own part of the public space is beyond us and we are protesting this vehemently; and the petition is still available for people who want to sign. I can be contacted, or people can go online and sign.”

Activist Earl Maitland has also joined in the fight to protect Grenada’s beaches and open spaces. Speaking with NOW Grenada, Maitland gave his unwavering support towards this cause. “It is said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I gave my support to the journey against injustice as the political leader of the Grenada Empowerment Movement, but most importantly as a citizen and patriot of Grenada. It has also been said that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”… this isn’t simply a wall being built on our beach illegally, this is an attack on the integrity of our nation. The intentional failures of our government must not deter citizens from honouring our laws, our independence and the accomplishments of our forefathers. I’d like us to focus on our pledge which states: I pledge allegiance to the Flag, and to the country for which it stands, with liberty, justice, and equality for all. I pledge also to defend and uphold the Honour, Dignity, the Laws and Institutions of my country. I do assure you I will continue to defend and uphold the laws that govern our country with no exception made to that of our beaches!”

Terry Forester has also signed the petition and is encouraging other patriotic Grenadians to do the same. “I have joined other like-minded Grenadians in pursuit of presenting a petition to the minister responsible for “The Physical Planning Unit” to respect the law governing the established set back regulation of 50 m/155 ft construction allowance away from the highwater mark. It is unimaginable that we have to bring such a perilous matter of breaking the law to the attention of the minister who is also the Prime Minister and custodian of our laws and national interest.”

Silver Sands developers have been given until close of business on Saturday, 22 September 2018 to dismantle the erections that have caused the breach of the Laws of Grenada.

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40 thoughts on “Petition to protect Grenada’s beaches garners over 600 signatures in 2 days

  1. attiba lewis

    I wonder how many of these persons will be ready to protest when the cameraman says action. Hiding behind the scenes won’t change the price of cocoa . Wake up Grenadians your coffee is boiling why are unable to smell it.

  2. Rick

    There should be 60,000 signatures by now.
    Just like the indigenous people, the Island is being sold for a hand full of beads.

  3. John Mc Guire

    I’m signing because I would like to see Grenada beaches remain for public use and not for just the selected few.

  4. Brian Sawney

    Please do not let these gready people take the last jewel from grenadians by building a wall on the beach.the beach belong to grenadians not foreign investors
    Please stop the wall ..

  5. Melanie Jones

    It’s an outrage, the government should be protecting Grenada for our next Generation, what with global warming and Plastic waste “ come on protect this Island “.

  6. Chris Bowen

    Rex Grenadian is in the cross hairs of the ‘government ‘ of Grenada. If it was that resort involved in the construction of that wall on the beach, there would be hell to pay.

  7. Joseph Francis

    This again demonstrate the arrogance of big money!
    They feel they can go anywhere and do as they please. We grenadians are showing you and the world we are not going to passively stand by and allow this to happen.

  8. Roberta Reid

    This is ridiculous , it make me sad that Grenada doesn’t belong to the Grenadians anymore; because the government is just selling of our beautiful island piece by piece

  9. Lydia

    Physical Planning has also approved putting in sewer lines in True Blue with the intent to dump the sewage into the sea. No treatment plant has been created to treat the waste matter. Result will be raw sewage washing up on Grand Anse beach shores…either way, our beaches will be in jeopardy.

  10. John Mitchell

    The sand represents the people if you take it away from them you don’t have a country save our beaches from foriegn investments start with one another will take advantage have a blessed day

  11. Michelle Phillip

    Please leave the beaches how they are for visitors like myself this is one of the reasons I travel to Grenada. It’s such a beautiful beach would be a great shame to destroy what’s good. So please leave things how u see it, thank you

  12. Michelle Phillip

    Please leave the beaches how they are for visitors like myself this is one of the reasons I travel to Grenada. It’s such a beautiful beach would be a great shame to destroy what’s good. So please leave things how u see it, thank you and no concrete

  13. Lystra Pemberton

    Please leave our beaches in it’s natural state. Find another way to accomplish your goals. A concrete wall is NOT an option for our beaches.

  14. Glerna

    Please leave the beaches how they are, we do not want to see any concrete walls, beaches are for all to enjoy and not the chosen few.
    Caribbean people need to wake up from their stupor, if we don’t we will be 2nd class citizens in our own land.

  15. Concerned grenadian

    Why let those nowhereans come and take over our beautiful,rich and luscious country.we cannot do that in their country,run them too help out.

  16. Serana James

    Go build your wall somewhere else. Leave our beach alone. Take ur project to another country. Shame in you. At least they asked u to remove it easily than just hammer it down.

  17. Dorsel wyatt

    Grenada beach belong to the Grenadian people , remove your wall and keep to your boundary or you will see the power of us Greadians.

  18. Alicia L.

    As Grenadians ,it’s imperative that we all do out part to ptotect the home land.WE WILL DISMANTLE YOUR WALL. Take your DIRTY MONEY off out beaches and out public spaces.

  19. Susan haywood

    Come on grenadian, don’t be afraid you guys put that greedy sos there over and over what do you expect now you cry wolf, wake the heck up

  20. Alicia L.

    As Grenadians,it’s imperative that we all do our part to ptotect the home land. IF YOU BUILD IT ,WE WILL BREAK IT. NO DAM WALLS ON OUR BEACHES. DIRTY MONEY

  21. Abigail

    Where is the link for the petition? Before you know it, one of the main reasons people love Grenada will disappear, time for Grenadians to rise up and treat this hotel the same way as Lord Brownlow was treated at LsSagesse.

  22. Glenna L

    Wake, wake up people of the Caribbean, we are in danger of becoming 2nd class citizens in our own land, remember these islands belong to us through the blood sweat and tears of our ancestors. Vote these pumpkin vine leaders out of office as they are interested in lining their pockets and don’t give a frig about the people.
    We need another Marcus garvey.

  23. Nessie Lyons

    Please leave the gran Anse Beach open to all Grenadians. The best of everything on the Isle of Spice is primarily for Grenadians we just sharing it with foreigners to enjoy not for them to take it away from us. Wake up Grenadians before we lose everything.

  24. cjjazzy

    Grenada my home Grenada is known for its beautiful white sandy beach, Grand Anse beach. please protect it. many of us would like to sign the petition, though we are not physically there.

  25. Nqobile

    I’m South African I recently visited Grenada and I fell in love with the beaches it was my first time in the island.i got to meet the diving team in grenaince beach just recently they clean the beach I didn’t see no foreigners doing it but people from Grenada. I believe in keeping our culture and land protected .

  26. Helen Grenade

    Who remember a similar case many years ago in Lasageese Dt. David’s, when the citizens of Grenada stood together, with hammer and other tools and tore it down? If the government is refusing to act to protect our People and Country, then the people must act.Tear Down That Wall.

  27. Joan

    My people, please rise up against injustice and segregation. Our ancestors have bleed for this land, we were successful in protecting it from greed so let’s all continue to stand united against those who put profits before communities. Fight back my people, remember what happened and still is happening in Jamaica. Foreign investors control most of their beautiful beaches.

  28. Paul Allert

    It is time that the government of Grenada stop selling the most beautiful parts of our island to inverters and developers who are only interested in financial profits. They do not care about the fact that they’re distroying the natural beauty and the environment of our island, and are also literally wanting to restrict and deny ordinary Grenadians public access to thier beaches. I SAY, “NO WALLS”!!!!, let us all Grenadians stand together.

  29. Sandra

    Where are the politically conscious Grenadians? Can anyone stop Grenadians from controlling Grenada. The problem is that Grenadians are no longer civic minded! The parties, fetes, and materialistic mentality have replaced the activism that existed in the days of ‘Maurice Bishop!’ Grenada will be sold without any major resistance and if these people could pack every grain of sand in their back pockets and take to foreign, Keith will assist them to do just that, and return with his coins in his back pocket, and he should! Why? Why not? Grenada have elected Keith again as the PM knowing full well what they have! A leopard cannot change its spot! You all voted to keep the leopard! Ridiculous!

  30. GERRY COPSEY “Just Grenada”

    It is great to hear that the people of Grenada are protesting here but where is the Government whose job it is to protect the island and it’s laws.
    On behalf of my company and our thousands of clients who have come to Grenada since 1999 I offer total support to this action

  31. Joseph Antoine

    Arise oh you children of the soil of Grenada, let the government know that you no longer will tolerate the wanton destruction of our beaches for short term gain. Let the government know that Grenada belongs to you the people and not the government. Rise up and support the petition that is calling the government to account. Rise up and protest against this callous action by developers whose only concern is profit for themselves and their investors. Let them know that we as Grenadian will no longer accept the crumbs under Cesar tables , but we will fight and fight again to protect our heritage.

  32. Leon Joseph

    I think there should be a law created to protect the beaches from being destroyed so that future generations can enjoy the same pleasures that their families had during their time so on that note I really believe that something must be done in order to secure the beaches for decades to come!

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