Real issues: The walls of Silver Sands

Silver Sands development with Grand Anse Beach in the foreground

by Norris Mitchell

I am not a “Ring In” person, but I am still able to put pen to paper, which I am doing, by joining the national refrain to save and protect our prized assets and natural patrimony Grand Anse Beach and Camerhogne Park from the new colonisers, whose ultimate goal may not be in our best interest.

The evening programme “Real Issues” sponsored by Betty Ann Lazarus of MTV on Thursday, 13 September 2018 at which Sandra Ferguson and Randal Robinson were the guest speakers, brought into focus the need for eternal vigilance, if we are not to become second class citizens in our own country.

The fact of matter is that we have a Physical Planning Authority that is impotent. If it ceases to exist tomorrow, it would make no difference as its authority has long been usurped by the politicians.

Physical Planning and Development Control Act stipulates that certain conditions must be adhered to in the orderly and sustainable development of Grenada. This is so, in order to enhance our standard of living and to bequeath to Grenadians yet unborn, a country no less viable than what we have inherited. There seems to be however, a creeping trend among some of our compatriots that Grenada belongs to them, and that they can do as they like with it to the detriment of others, who are in the majority.

History is replete with examples, where a trend over time becomes saturated, and is outlived or superseded by a more relevant and sustainable option. This current trend may well be in the final stage of its existence, as its relevance and ultimate goal does not appear to be in congruence with the aspirations and needs of the majority of Grenadians.

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2 thoughts on “Real issues: The walls of Silver Sands

  1. Cathy

    Grenadians are very complacent. Yes we pride ourselves and being peaceful, loving and kind people in the Caribbean. For too long Grenadians just sit and accept whatever is dealt to them. Wake up people, this is your home, there is no fire in the young people to rise up and become active in keeping control of your country and your jobs. This is yours and your children’s future and inheritance. Rise up not with violence but with your knowledge, know your rights as a people, where is your fire. We have intelligent young men and women, my heart bleeds for the future of this beautiful land. First they change your name, form Isle of spice to Pure Grenada, what a real slap in our ancestors face. Then there are no Jobs only (Imani Programs, contract work and you settle for this) so many young people graduate from school with so many subjects and are unable to find full time employment. then we loose them to other countries who will give them that opportunity. No job security to enable them to own property. Then they “try” to sell Camahorne Park, now Wall on Silver Sands beach. If you don’d speak up young people, you will placed in a modern day slavery situation that will be difficult to get out of. Can any Grenadian developer go to any other part of the world and mess with their land and their people like they are doing to us? Young people get your head from the cloud and become present in your life and your future. Use your biggest weapon, YOUR BRAIN!

  2. Francis

    It is sad that we as a people is allowing outsiders to mandate our lives,If we are not careful we will soon fine ourselves bared from our land.We as a people need to raise up for what we know is our God given right to be in a place we call home the land of our birth .Wake up my People. Wake up.

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