Child Month 2018: Keeping all our children safe

Ministry of Education

The month of October is Child Month and the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs, in collaboration with the Child Month Committee, is celebrating the month of activities from 1-31 October 2018.

The broader theme for Child Month continues to be “Love the Child”. However, in recent times, there has been an increase in the number of reported cases of abuse and neglect of children. In light of this, it is critical that our nation becomes aware of the need for protective procedures to keep all our children safe. Therefore, the Child Month Committee has decided that the theme for Child Month 2018 is “Keeping All Our Children Safe”. The focus will be on all forms of child abuse and on road, internet, fire, and water safety.

Some of the activities highlighting Child Month are:

  • Opening address by the Governor General
  • Child Sabbath/Sunday –13 & 14 October 2018
  • Child Month Marches –15 – 26 October 2018
  • Media appearances by stakeholders to discuss issues compromising the safety of the nation’s children
  • Closing Address – Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs

Burnt Orange is the colour of all Child Month t-shirts, which will cost $20. Parents, teachers and students are advised that the sale of t-shirts will be at the following outlets:

Grenada Tees Upper Depradine 437-2336
Grenada Tees Main Street, Sauteurs 442-9050
Grenada Tees Ben Jones Street, Grenville 440-8337
Full Screen Graphics Woolwich Road, St George’s 440-8177
Impress Grafix Madeys, St Patrick 442-1831

The schedule of Child Month marches is as follows:

District 4 17 October 2018 St George & St David 9 am
District 6 17 October 2018 St John 9 am
District 1 19 October 2018 Carriacou 9 am
District 2 19 October 2018 St Patrick 10 am
District 3 19 October 2018 St Andrew 9 am
District 5 October 23, 2018 St George 9 am
District 6 30 October 2018 St Mark 9 am
District 6 30 October 2018 Victoria 9 am

A challenge trophy will be given to the school with the most creative chants, slogans and drama/display during the street marches.

Schools, selected NGOs and community groups are urged to find other creative ways to create awareness about issues affecting children. Churches are encouraged to organise programmes with young people, geared at highlighting the Child Month theme.

Along with the relevant stakeholders, this Ministry is committed to support and sustain the joint effort, during the upcoming Child Month and beyond, to keep all our children safe.

Ministry of Education

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