Guyanese national dies onboard cargo ship

by Linda Straker

  • Fatality onboard Guyanese registered MV Ocean Trader
  • Body expected to be flown to Guyana on Thursday

Police have confirmed a fatality onboard the MV Ocean Trader – a Guyanese registered ship that was docked in Grenada last weekend. The ship departed on Tuesday evening following the completion of an investigation by law enforcement.

An official from the Grenada Ports Authority explained that whenever there is a fatality onboard any ship in its waters, the nation where the ship is registered must be notified. “We have already done this and cannot share further details about the cause of the fatality,” said the official who is in a management position.

The maritime office in Guyana confirmed that the boat is indeed registered there and that they were informed about the fatality.

Following the report, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) applying the required protocol, visited the boat which was docked at the St George’s cargo port. “On arrival, they observed the motionless body of Permanand Permaul alias “Short Man” a 41-year-old citizen of Guyana lying on his back on the deck,” said an official report to authorities.

“The officers met and spoke with Yuvraj Persaud, 36-year-old Captain Master, a citizen of Guyana who stated that on 27 October about 22:30 hours, he was inside his cabin sleeping when one of the workers informed him that Permanand who was cleaning inside one of the tanks got knocked out.  As a result, he made checks and saw him lying on the floor,” the report said.

The report said that the captain sought assistance and performed CPR but that did not revive him. A doctor was then called to the scene and declared Permaul dead.

An undertaker took possession of body which is expected to be flown out of Grenada to Guyana on Thursday. Police have not shared the autopsy results with the media.

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