Bishop’s College and St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s return to final of Grenlec Debates

When the 2 finalists in the Grenlec Debates meet each other on Thursday, 22 November, they will debate the motion ‘Be it resolved that Caribbean education has not met the developmental needs of our region’.

2014 Champion, Bishop’s College – the Proposition and 2017 finalist, St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s – the Opposition, have earned places in this year’s final, winning all their matches through 4 rounds of competition.

Expressing confidence that the debaters will give an excellent account of themselves, Prudence Greenidge, Corporate Communications Manager of Grenlec, notes, “the theme and motion about the relationship between Caribbean education and development of our region is a relevant and pressing question that we must answer as individual territories and collectively.”

She also thanked the debaters, coaches and other supporters for their commitment in embracing the challenges of preparation and competition.

Organisers credit the success of the Grenlec Debates to teachers, students, principals, parents, consultants, motions committee members, judges and the audience, which make it a truly national project.

With more than $150,000 in school and individual education awards, the Grenlec Debates has been the flagship of Grenlec’s Community Partnership Initiative for 11 years. The final match and awards will be broadcast the weekend of 24 November and will also be available on Grenlec’s You Tube Channel.


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