GG: Focus will be on 3 broad policy areas for upcoming parliament year

Parliament House

by Linda Straker

  • Building Resilience in an era of climate change is one of 3 broad priority policy areas
  • Grenada highly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change
  • Annual estimate of Expenditure and Revenue will be presented on Wednesday by Minister for Finance

Legislations and regulations directly linked to Building Resilience in an era of climate change is one of 3 broad policy areas that the ruling Dr Keith Mitchell-led New National Party administration will be making a priority for the new parliamentary session, Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade disclosed on Monday while delivering the traditional throne speech to open the Second Session of the Tenth Parliament ceremonially. The other 2 broad areas would be Advancing Social Development and Transforming the Economy.

“These priorities are framed within the context of my government’s medium-term agenda, that is being prepared for the period 2019 to 2021, which will anchor a consolidated government approach to development planning and will guide my government’s strategic inter-development programmes and interventions over the medium term,” she told the Joint sitting of the Houses of Parliament.

“We must take bold actions if we are to realise the bright future that we envision; a future in which every Grenadian can reach their full potential and their dreams and hopes can become reality. We are ever mindful that the risk posed by climate change can derail our plans and rob us of the future we desire,” she said.

Explaining that urgent and decisive actions are required to make the environment, the people and the economy more resilient to the increasing grim and devastating impact of climate change, the head of state said, “Grenada like other small island states is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and is among those countries that are of greatest risk to climate change.”

Providing an insight into the expected activities link to the broad policies, she said some of the initiatives would be:

  • Assessment of the climate change policy
  • Accessing more funding from the Green Climate Fund
  • Digitalising of key public services,
  • Reforming of the public sector by cutting red tape bureaucracy
  • Mainstreaming gender equality
  • Building stronger communities.

“While we celebrate our successes, we should not become contended or complacent for we have much more to do to build our nation and to create a bright and prosperous future that we all envisage for our beloved country,” said Dame Cecile.

She further informed Parliament that more details would be provided in the annual estimate of Expenditure and Revenue which will be presented on Wednesday by Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Dr Keith Mitchell.

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