Author: NOW Grenada

Too Little Too Late?

Is a US$12M investment in any sector in Grenada “too little too late,” when our nutmeg farmers are unable to get a bonus? This childish response comes at a time when the government is struggling to pay public officers and when our economy continues to balance on the brink. read more

New Book: Operation Desert-Rat

“There are the large, highly resourceful rats which inhabit Richmond Hill Prison in Grenada, West Indies. They engage in fierce, nightly battles for the food of the 17 surviving leaders of the Grenada Revolution, now badly treated and semi-starved prisoners of the United States’ military forces in occupation of Grenada following President Reagan’s invasion of the country in October 1983.” read more

The Recipe for Sustainability

“We grow up in a society where we’re taught to go to school, study hard, get good grades and find a good job. Nowhere in that equation it says to be your own boss; we are conditioned to be consumers instead of producers. We must remember that although education has a vital part to play, it’s only a fraction of the equation.” read more
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