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Operation Trash Attack

“The Anglican High School staged “Operation Trash Attack” in St George’s on Friday, 4 May to address the problem of indiscriminate dumping of garbage by businesses places, particularly into the alley near to Scotia Bank.” read more


“The Grenada Green Group (G3) invites you – yes, YOU – to adopt as many of the following as possible as New Year’s resolutions.  It doesn’t matter that you are starting late – just adopt them anyway.” read more

E is for election, and…

“A radio phone-in asked listeners whether Health, Leadership or the Economy was the most important issue. When we asked a sample of youth, the response was unsurprisingly ‘employment.’ All of these are vital (and inter-related) areas, and our candidate leaders need to be reminded of the urgency of long-term commitments and not short-term promises.” read more

Towards Litter-Free Holidays

Tourists, expecting ‘Pure Grenada’ to be a clean island, pitch their cups and plates and forks and drinks cartons out of cars, in the utterly wrong belief that “someone will be paid to pick it up.” read more
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