Prime Minister’s XI in action this Friday against SSU

The Prime Minister’s XI will play against SSU 11 on Friday, 21 September. The 20 overs per side game will be played at the SSU Playing Field.

The Prime Minister’s XI comprises of Dr Keith Mitchell, Starlen Romain, Atkinson Felix, Clifton Marrast, Steve Mahon, Stanley Henry, Sharon Francois, Jonathan Farrier, Chris Greenidge, Renny Belfon, Andy Joseph, Cly Telesford, John Sylvester and Trevor Campbell.

The SSU team comprises Kenny Stanisclaus, Franklyn Redhead, Rondel Baptiste, Alvin Thomas, Martin Bartholomew, Lincoln Roberts, Junior Augustine, Leon Julien, Aden Philbert, Kingsley Fredrick, Shamrock Mark and Leon McEwen.

The match begins at 1:30 pm.


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