Sustainable Development Plan 2035

How would you like to see the tri-island State of Grenada in 2035?

Your answers to this question are important to help shape the National Sustainable Development Plan that is being prepared to guide Grenada’s development priorities over the 15-year period 2020-2035. A series of consultations have been done at the national and sectoral levels and will be continuing to facilitate broad public contribution towards the Plan’s development. The general public is encouraged to participate in this very important process.

Why is a National Development Plan important?

The National Plan will identify strategic priorities to address crucial social, economic, environmental and other challenges that undermine Grenada’s development.  The ultimate aim of the National Plan is to fundamentally improve the way we live, work, interact, and treat our natural environment.  It envisions that by 2035, Grenada will be a resilient and prosperous nation, with a conscious and caring citizenry, promoting human dignity and realising our full potential through sustainable economic and social progress for all.

What are the benefits of having a National Plan?

The National Plan will put in place a systematic framework for more effective development planning for future generations.  It will benefit Grenadians by putting forward strategic development priorities and policies identified by Grenadians to make Grenada a better country for all who live and work here.  It will identify pathways to, among others:

  • empower Grenadians to see themselves as being capable of achieving greatness;
  • change mindsets towards possibilities and away from limitations;
  • elevate our level of consciousness, patriotism, spirituality and care for each other;
  • strengthen communities, reduce inequality, and promote social justice;
  • transform our economy to make it more competitive, productive, and dynamic to expand opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship;
  • better preserve and protect our natural environment;
  • strengthen governance and institutions.

How can you contribute to shaping the National Plan?

You can contribute by participating in the public consultations on the National Plan. The second round of public consultations will occur during the period 8-28 January 2019 Island wide.  You are encouraged to share your views, ideas, and opinions on the priorities that the National Plan must address.  Stay tuned to the local media (traditional and social) for more details on the public consultations.  You can also send suggestions to the National Plan Secretariat at [email protected].

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