Remember: Do not litter

Volunteers and the large pile of 35 bags of garbage they collected

Many beaches, riversides and other outdoor areas will become liming spots for the upcoming Independence celebrations and Sandals Foundation Earth Guardians are concerned after their most recent cleanup at the Cabier/ Crochu Bay in St Andrew.

“We collected hundreds of plastic bottles and plastic cutlery, most of which we can assume were left behind by beach-goers. In total we left with 35 extra-large garbage bags of waste which is alarming. We hope that our labor of love will not be in vain and that persons do not litter the beach again in the near future, it would be such a shame,” lamented Deleon Forrester- Public Relations Manager for Sandals Grenada.

Sandals Foundation Volunteer, Shardee Charles carries garbage out of Crochu Bay

The Sandals Foundation volunteers and children of the 4H and Brownie-Girl Guides of the St Martin De Porres Primary School, better known as Crochu RC School, did their best to clear the waste at the swampy black sand bay at the mouth of the Crochu River.

“It is amazing to see how much litter we collected today. We have to do more to educate our children and the general public on the dangers of littering and the harm it causes to our marine life. Our group will certainly do more anti-litter activities in the near future,” Ingrid Stratensburg, Brownies-Girl Guide leader.

Forrester also noted that, “There were many old fishing nets, ropes and buckets along the bay, so we know this bay is also frequented by fishermen. We urge them to remember their important role in the food supply chain and that they too play a key role in the monitoring and preserving marine life which is a source of livelihood them and so many others.”

Sandals Foundation

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