Sandals Grenada: Now Hiring

Grenada’s only Luxury Included® resort offers an opportunity for highly motivated, flexible and enthusiastic persons with exceptional interpersonal skills to join our team.

We invite prospective candidates for the following positions:

  • Assistant Training Manager
  • HR Recruitment and Compliance Specialist
  • Room Technician
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Stewarding Supervisor
  • Watersports Attendant

Interested persons should submit a letter of application and curriculum vitae by 14 February 2019 via mail/email to:

[Job Title] Application
Human Resources Manager
Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa
Point Salines
St George 


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5 thoughts on “Sandals Grenada: Now Hiring

  1. Lera Gooding

    Can you provide a brief job description for the Assistant Training Manager position please.

  2. ADM

    Lera…Why are you posting on this platform asking for job description.. You need to carefully read the instructions given above. Where it states E-mail, you need to copy this address which is written in red and direct all of your enquiries.
    And to think you are showing interest in the Assistant Training Managers position..God help us!!!

  3. Denzil Gittens

    I am a glass specialist and plumber.
    I am the one who did the glass job at
    Silver Sands Villas and hotel

  4. Lisa Ferreira

    Yes if you have a brief job description for the Assistant Training Manager as well as HR Recruitment and Compliance Specialist positions please.

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