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Our Focus

With a team of experienced journalists and other contributors, NOW Grenada is committed to providing a platform for accurate and balanced news, and diverse commentary — directly relevant to Grenada and facilitating much-needed dialogue for social advancement.

In addition to banner advertising, we give priority to reviewing press releases for publishing which are received from our paid advertisers. Approved releases are published at no additional cost during the contract term.

Our content is viewable on, and via Facebook, Twitter, and Apple News.

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The numbers…

Approximately 50% of our viewers are in Grenada, the others being in the diaspora, countries in the Caribbean region, and other international viewers:
• 100,000+ unique users per month on
• 13,000+ published posts (since 2013)
• 16,000+ subscribers receive push notifications on new posts
• 43,000+ Facebook likes and follows
• 4,000+ Twitter followers

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