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Submission Form

Please read Guidelines for Photo Submission below and use form to submit your digital images for display on the NOW Grenada for the Pic of the Day.

Pictures submitted must be accompanied by your name, email address, and location and caption details for all pictures submitted. Unless you specify otherwise, your name will be added as a credit on the image.

Submitting a photo using this form you agree to below Guidelines for Photo Submission

If you have trouble with this form: E-mail your digital photo

Your personal information and email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *; for further details please view our Privacy Policy

By submitting this photo I agree to the Guidelines for Photo Submission below

Guidelines for Photo Submission

Image Requirements for the Digital Photo

  • Must be an image in Grenada and appropriate for display.
  • Image may be black/white or color.
  • The image display size must be between 1024 x 768 pixels and 800 x 600 pixels.
  • The file must be 72 dpi, high quality, JPG or PNG file


Do not submit images taken by someone else. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any digital image submitted. By your submission, you acknowledge that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo.

By your submission, you are giving NOW Grenada staff permission to use the image on

Each accepted image will be displayed with a caption and credit for the photographer.

What makes an image eligible?

Grenada places, things, people, or experiences are perfect subjects. Subject matter must be suitable for publication on the site and must be appropriate for viewing by the general public. NOW Grenada retains the right to determine what will constitute inappropriate content.

Due to the high volume of photo submissions, it is necessary that we apply some critera to the images that are chosen. Images must be clear and focused, have no date stamps on them, be a minimum of 600 pixels in width or height.

Use of Pictures for Featured Photo on

All images submitted will be considered. Only pictures meeting the above critera as judged by the NOW Grenada staff will be displayed on NOW Grenada staff reserves the right to edit captions to remove names, correct spelling or to enhance the description of the image.

Release Forms, Photo Subject Restrictions

If the photograph is of a person or persons, the photographer affirms the person(s) photographed has(have) given their permission to be included in the photograph and for the photograph to be displayed on without any fee or other form of compensation and, further, provide written proof of such consent.

Validity of the photo and details is not the responsibility of NOW Grenada.