11 year old facing three criminal charges for assaulting principal

Cricket bat

Police have arrested and charged an 11 year old student of a Secondary School on the western side of the island for physically attacking and wounding the principal.

Reports are that on Wednesday the principal was struck in the head with a cricket bat by the student who previously threatened to assault him with a knife.

Police were called to the scene, and the minor was charged with wounding, causing harm and threatening language.

The principal was reportedly immediately rushed to nearest medical facility where he was treated and later discharged.

Reports also indicate that police also arrested and charged the uncle of the 11 year old student, for causing harm, after he went onto the school compound and fought with one of the school teachers.

The minor is a reported to be a British citizen of Grenadian parents who returned to the island recently.

In July 2012 Grenada’s Parliament amended its criminal code to make the age of criminal responsibility be 12. However, the amendment provides for persons who commit offences under the age of 12. The legislation said: “It shall be presumed that a child under the age of 12 is not capable of or criminal for an act or omission unless it is proved that at the time of doing the act the person had attain sufficient maturity or understanding to judge the nature and consequences of his conduct in the matter in respect of which he is accused.”

Both the minor and his uncle appeared at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning. The uncle was reprimanded and discharged while the minor was placed on EC$10,000 bail. He will re-appear in court on March 05th 2013.

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