Government Reviewing Outreach Offices

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The Grenada Government has announced that it has ordered a review of the outreach offices, to ensure that the Grenadian people are getting value for money.

The offices were set up four years ago with the stated view then of ensuring that people in the out-parishes seeking particular government services have easier access. An official of the current government said that while the original idea is a good one, it appears that it has not worked as originally envisaged.

“There appears to be a lot of wastage, and even some confusion over who has jurisdiction over what, since many of the services are cross-ministerial,” Cabinet Secretary Nadica McIntyre said Thursday.

“There has been a lot of discussion on the issue over the last few days, and there is a commitment on the part of this government to make sure that people are effectively served,” Minister for Works Hon. Gregory Bowen also said. The operations of the current outreach offices have been suspended, pending the proposed review.

“This government came into office promising more efficient and effective governance, and it is determined to deliver on that promise,” Minister Bowen said. “We cannot play politics with people’s money, and we cannot keep an inefficient system in place just to say there is something in place,” also said Hamlet Mark, the Senior Advisor on Communications “This move is to ensure that a concept, as noble as it is, works to the benefit of the people,” Mark said. “At the end of the day, delivering government services must be about how it can make people’s lives better,” he added.

By the Government Information Service (GIS)

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