Public officers to declare assets

Members of Government and Parliament will be among the first to declare their assets, liabilities and income, as part of a phased approach to the effective functioning of the Integrity Commission.

The Integrity in Public Life legislation was enacted in 2007 and came into force on 01 July 2008. Regrettably, almost five years later, the Integrity Commission has not yet commenced operations.

In presenting the Throne Speech during the Ceremonial Opening of the Ninth Parliament on Wednesday, Governor-General Sir Carlyle Glean said that to minimize further delays in the functioning of the Integrity Commission, the new administration which is led by Dr Keith Mitchell will invite the Commission to consider a phased approach to its operations

“Such as having addressed members of Government and Parliament, it would move to address senior managers in the Public Service; revenue collection agencies and chairmen and members of statutory bodies before addressing other covered persons in the legislation,” he said.

The Public Life legislation provides for all public officers as well as persons who serve on government boards and their families to be subjected to declaring their assets as a means of fighting corruption within the system. Though a commission which falls under the supervision of the Governor-General was named, it was never provided with the tools to function such as financing to pay staff. The current chairman is former judge Lyle St Paul.

by Linda Straker

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