Teach and Encourage Respect

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Message to Parents for the 2013 Inter-Col Events
Teach and Encourage Respect

It is important for parents and guardians to teach and consistently remind their children to exercise respect during this athletic season and otherwise.

Children should be reminded to respect themselves, their uniform, school, teachers, principals, fellow companions, adults and generally others within the public.

Encourage them to display appropriate behaviours and as the parent or guardian in their lives set the example for them so that they in turn can follow suit.

Let them know that they should avoid altercations and resolve any problem that they may encounter in a calm and peaceful manner.

In addition, urge them to stay away from wrong doing even when encouraged by others, including adults. Remember, as the parent or guardian, it is your duty to promote positive values and expectations to them.

Let them know that you care, love and support them.

This message is brought to you by the National Parenting Programme of the Ministry of Social Development.

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