ICT To Form A Major Platform For Growth

Information Minister Winston Garraway says, ICT will form a major platform for growth and development under the New Economy.

The 2013 Budget Presentation stated that under this sector four main areas will be pursued with urgency.

These are the setting up of the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme, revamp of the Centre for Excellence and Innovation, E-taxation Services and outfitting Parliament with I.T. services as well as outsourcing these services.

Government said, it will embark on the tablet- for- student programme after doing an analysis on the best way forward and a timetable for implementation.

Senator Garraway said government will ensure that all teachers receive training on par with the technology and to be able to use it.

“We will ensure that every classroom is ready for the integration of ICT in schools. We will encourage software development and it will be taught in schools as a core subject”, said the Minister who has responsibility for Information.

Using the famous “I had a dream” quote of Martin Luther King Jr., Sen. Garraway relayed his vision for the industry.

“I had a dream that our sons and daughters that have gone overseas to educate and develop themselves will return to our shores and work together holistically developing this Nation,” the Minister said.

“I had a dream that one day and not long from now, those young persons associated with this side would reach out to those on the other side with a hand of friendship with the true spirit of the Grenadian connection and hospitality.”

Government Information Service

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