Alvin Daniel to facilitate SMC judges workshop

Alvin Daniel

Spicemas Corporation will this Friday 07 June  and Saturday 08 June host a second workshop for persons who are interested in judging calypso and soca for the 2013.

Existing judges are also expected to attend the session as they prepared to face the challenges of assessing performances of artistes during the various competitions for the carnival season.

The facilitator will be Trinidadian Mr Alvin Daniel who conducted the first workshop a few months ago. The venue will be the  SpiceMas Corporation’s Office, Room 116 at the National Stadium.

Both sessions will be intense and it is the hope of the Corporation that despite the fact that it is occurring on days when there is a host of other activities, persons will come out and participate in the sessions which will end at 9:30pm on Friday and 5:30pm on Saturday.

Calypso and soca judging is an integral component of carnival events as all final events will feature the best work of competitors in the various events. SpiceMas was officially launched in Grenada last Saturday and the season will conclude on 24 August 2013.

The theme for 2013 carnival is: “Deeply rooted in our ancestral heritage: Sweet Pan… the rhythm and sound of SpiceMas.

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