Dame Cécile La Grenade, GCMG, OBE, PhD

Governor-General Dr Cecile La Grenade who took her oath of office on 27 March 2013 now officially carries the title of Dame, though she has not yet officially received her knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II —  Head of the Commonwealth.

The announcement of her knighthood was published in 14 May 2013 issue of the London Gazette, which is the official publication of the Buckingham Palace, with regards to announcement from the Queen’s office.

“The publication of her knighthood in the London Gazette means that she should now be called Dame Cécile La Grenade. It also means that the initials GCMG should be placed after her name because of her knighthood; this should be followed by OBE and conclude with PhD for her doctorate in professional achievement,” said a representative from the Office of the Governor General.

Dame Cécile La Grenade, GCMG, OBE, PhD, is Grenada’s first female but sixth Governor General, since the island gained its political independence from Great Britain in 1974. Among her duties will be patron to the scouts and guides, and receiving the credentials of new ambassadors to the country.

She is expected to welcome the new Chinese and Venezuelan ambassadors in the coming days.

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