National Health Telethon being held in Grenada

Persons in the diaspora are being invited to support a National Health Telethon being held in Grenada next week Thursday, 04 July 2013.

Telephone numbers are provided to accommodate calls from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The health telethon is an initative of the Ministry of Health which has teamed up with Friends of Grenada Healthcare. The objective is to raise funds to pay for important medicine and medical supplies.

Persons in the United States can participate by calling telephone number 1-718-475-6460. Persons in the United Kingdom are asked to call 01144-1206-598-115 while those in Canada are requested to call 1-514-600-0382. Contributors to the health telethon in Grenada are ask to make their pledges by calling telephone number 435-2636.

The National Health Telethon is on Thursday, 4 July 2013, from 8 pm  to 10 pm on National Television.

Lets all do it for our health sector.



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