PM Mitchell Calls For Sporting Academies In The OECS

Dr the Right Honourable Keith C Mitchell, Prime Minister

Grenada’s Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell wants to see the establishment of Sporting Academies across the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), to nurture the rich sporting talent which abounds.

The former Grenada Cricket captain and ardent supporter of West Indies Cricket, is also calling for more recognition to be given to the many former sporting heroes men and women, who promoted, their countries in their heydays.

Dr. Mitchell’s comments came as he addressed the 57th Meeting of the OECS Authority last week Sunday in St John’s Antigua.

He is certain that many more like his countryman, World and Olympic Champion Kirani James, will be able to dominate the world, with proper Sporting Infrastructure at their disposal.

He said, that more care and attention should be given to these budding youngsters.

“We have to cultivate the talent we have in the region. We have not done enough. We need sub-regional sports academies that will help train and discipline our young people. They should be able to market their fame right here in the region, not always abroad as it is right now,” the Prime Minister told his OECS counterparts.

He said, that the lack of academies have resulted in the loss of many Kirani James of the region, which he hopes the OECS, will address.

Dr. Mitchell also wants the Eastern Caribbean, to pay due respect and recognition to its many former sportsmen and women, who have flown their National flags high and represented their countries with distinction in their heydays.

He says,that many have been cast aside and forgotten.

“Let them be lifetime Ambassador to our region, and highlight their fame in regional history lessons.”

The Grenada leader is saddened that many former sporting heroes have fallen by the wayside.

The former Grenada Cricket captain and former CARICOM Prime Minister responsible for West Indies Cricket, wants the sub-region to do something tangible for their former heroes.

He says, that recognition must be given to them because they have lifted the images of the region with their success regionally and internationally.

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