Filandi Jeffery wins CCF Ribena Junior Calypso Monarch

Young Jeffrey is the son of 2012 calypso monarch, Finley Jeffry “Scholar”.

Out of a cast of 11 young calypsonians, Filandi Jeffry captured the crown with his tune “Don’t Call Me A Big Man.”

The young man, who attends the McDonald College in St Patrick, highlighted the negative behaviour of our men. He spoke of the abuse shown by men to women and little girls, while at the same time appealing for his aunty, and others, to call him small or tall boy but not big man.

The young man walked away with the title, and a cash prize of $2500, sponsored by Ribena represented locally by Geo. F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. The presentation was made by Manager Corporate Marketing, Denise Parke–Langaigne, and George “Porgie” Cherebin, Ribena Brand Manager, at Huggins.

Manager Corporate Marketing at Huggins, Denise Parke–Langaigne, says Huggins is the agent for many wonderful products, and her company feels proud to be in a position to assist SpiceMas Corporation with our major festival, Carnival, for yet another year. “Supporting culture is big on our agenda and we have always been on board with carnival at various levels.”

“This year, our focus on calypso is part of our plan to associate products of the company that children love, while at the same time helping to build the Children’s Carnival Frolic. Our sponsorship includes prize monies (inclusive of appearance fees) uniforms for the band and background singers accompanying the calypsonians and refreshments.”

Placing 2nd in the competition last Saturday was Alana Boca, with her rendition “Ah Can’t Go Back”. Her song spoke of big people interfering with little children. She amassed 235 points.

3rd place went to Jolabb Joseph, who spoke of the need for women to educate themselves, and don’t let a man control their destiny. She too, examined the issue of domestic violence, and amassed 232 points.

2012 winner, Nathan Johnson, who goes by the singing name Nathan Jay, with the selection “Looks Can Be Deceiving”, had to settle for fourth, scoring 221 points.

In 5th position was Kate Mitchell, who examined the attitude and behaviour of one Sandra, who eventually ended up behind bars. She scored 201 points.

The other positions were:

6th: Akin Charles, with her selection “Die A Single Woman” – 195 points.

7th: Three persons tied as follows: 190 points, Jalone Fleming with “Doh Lend Them”; Lorenzo John with “Let Us Live Together”; and Kadisha Mahon with “Role Model”.

8th position went to Kevra Morain with 185 points with her selection “Enough Is Enough”. And to round it off was Hyde Charles who sang on climate change. Her score was 155 points.

Huggins will continue its efforts throughout the carnival season by ensuring patrons are energized with Lucozade, at discounted prices, at all major carnival activities. The company, for the third consecutive year, will be paying prize money to the winner of the Road March title — “Lucozade, King of the Road”.

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