First Clean Lyrics Award Won by Keturah George

Keturah receiving prize from GNOW and Center Stage representatives

Two organisations whose work focuses on the social advocacy aimed at improving lives have endowed national Calypso Monarch Keturah George with the first “Clean Lyrics Award.”

Keturah receiving prize from GNOW and Center Stage representatives
Keturah receiving prize from GNOW and Center Stage representatives

“As we look at what is happening in our society, this award is to provide a platform for composers, writers and performers to showcase positive messages as we continue our advocacy against gender based violence,” said Lorice Pascal of the Grenada National Organisation of Women. “There is a link between the artform and what we see happening in our culture,” she adds.

The other organisation involved in the initiative which gave EC$1,000 as its incentive was Center Stage — an organisational hub in Grenada made up of a small but growing network of performing artistes, cultural enthusiasts, creative thinkers and promoters of all ages.

“The organisation intends to positively impact the performing and creative arts. It will be involved in and support initiatives, which depict: striving for excellence, encourage positive linkages between culture and society, and help to raise the consciousness of our young people at home and abroad,” said its first Chair is Anande Trotman–Joseph, a lawyer, social rights advocate and performing artiste.

“Center Stage is pleased to have partnered with GNOW, by endowing a Center Stage prize for the artiste whose performance at the Dimanche Gras was adjudged the most socially empowering one,” she said.

The two songs performed by George for the competition which was held on the night of 11 August at the National Stadium were written by Edson “Ajamu” Mitchell and Gregory Ballantine of Trinidad. “I am very pleased to have met the requirement to get the first award. I hope that the songs played a part in changing some people’s life,” speaking as the fourth woman to win the national calypso monarch. She also gave the assurance that she will not be seen performing any soca song.

Pascal said that it’s only coincidental that the award for 2013 is going to a woman who also won the competition. “The clean lyrics award was designed for the performer with lyrics with a positive message in our view. He or she did not have to win or be a woman but coincidentally this first one is going to a woman who also won,” she said.

by Linda Straker

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