Sir Paul Scoon to be given a State Funeral

Sir Paul Scoon will be buried on Thursday September 19th 2013

Former Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon, who passed away on Monday, is to be given a State funeral and his body will lie in State for three days prior to his burial date.

A statement from the Government Information Service said that a Committee has been set up to plan Sir Paul’s funeral, and has already begun work. The committee is also awaiting a burial date from Sir Paul’s family.

Sir Paul who served from 1978 to 1992 died on Monday at the age of 78. In her statement, currently Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenada said that t was with deep sadness that she received the news of the death of Sir Paul Scoon on the afternoon of 2 September 2013.

Sir Paul was an educator, public servant and Governor General who served Grenada with distinction. “His influence was felt in many areas and he retained a keen interest in the education of Grenada’s youth. He maintained his conviction and belief in Service to Country almost up to the end of his life, until illness took its toll on him over the past few months,” said the statement from the Office of the Head of State.

He took an active part in the GRENLEC secondary School debating competition and was an ardent supporter and adjudicator until 2012. He was the Chairman of the National Awards Committee and held several other voluntary positions.

She said that many will affectionately recall his countenance and the tireless enthusiasm he brought to all his endeavours. “He maintained a strong interest in the affairs of the country and was fearless in airing his views on issues which he felt were improper or in violation of the constitution,” she said.

He will be especially remembered for his role during the turmoil of 1983, following the bloody and tragic collapse of the PRG. At that time he chose to name Sir Nicholas Brathwaite as Interim Prime Minister rather than he himself assuming that role, although entitled to do so.

History will remember this influential and courageous Grenadian as someone who served his country as a volunteer, educator and public servant said the statement.

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