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Back in 1981, when Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart first announced his plans to buy the Bay Roc Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica and turn it into the first ‘all-inclusive’-style couples resort in the Caribbean, people scoffed. “What is he going to do with a resort that is so close to the airport?” they said.

Cynics didn’t think the resort stood a chance and many made predictions on how long it would last — some gave it as little as three months. Over three decades later, Sandals has become one of the world’s best loved companies, operating its three distinctive brands in six, soon-to-be seven, Caribbean islands.

Despite its market-leading status, Sandals remains to this day, a family business run by Sandals Resorts International Chairman Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart and Chief Executive Officer Adam Stewart.



Resorts in the Sandals chain have received virtually every tribute in the industry including the Six Star Diamond and Green Star Diamond Awards from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The chain has also received countless other accolades including being named the World’s Leading All-Inclusive Company by the World Travel Awards for 17 consecutive years.  American Express and leading publications such as Travel Weekly and Condé Nast Traveller have also recognized the chain with numerous awards.



Dear friends,

As you may know, finally bringing Sandals to the beautiful island of Grenada is a personal dream come true for me. I fell in love with the island and its people many years ago and have been waiting for over a decade for the right opportunity to present itself. When it finally did, it was as sweet a moment as I could have hoped for!

The first thing that catches the eye with a great hotel resort is the beach. In 1981 when we were looking at the Bay Roc Hotel in Montego Bay, we really didn’t know what we were buying, except that it had a marvelous beach. We invested in the property and created a unique concept and the rest, as they say, is history.

There’s much about Sandals LaSource Grenada that reminds me of the early days of Sandals Montego Bay. A beautiful beach and equally wonderful people committed to making it a success. Thankfully now we have almost 33 years of award-winning experience behind us now and soon, as you’ll see from the pictures, a spectacular hotel resort with all of the elements to make it one of the best in the business.

We must remember that magic doesn’t happen by chance and special mention must be made to the huge team of local people, contractors and suppliers on the ground whose hard work and dedication is turning this dream into reality. The level of expertise and effort required to deliver a resort to the high standard that our guests demand in the time frame we are working to cannot be underestimated. We are immensely proud of each and every one of them.

So as we start this exciting chapter in Grenadian hospitality together, I would like to thank you for welcoming us so warmly to your beautiful island and look forward to much success in the future.


All that’s good,

Gordon “Butch” Stewart
Sandals Resorts International 



We are delighted to be able to update you with our plans and ideas for the future of Sandals LaSource Grenada as well as tell you a little more about who we are as people and as a company.

Led by a Grenadian workforce, we have spent the last few months creating what will surely become a sparkling jewel in the Sandals crown.

No expense has been spared, no stone unturned as we strive together to create the perfect hotel resort and we passionately believe that the environment in this wonderful country is conducive to helping us achieve that goal. Lush natural gardens, stunning ocean and beach and the genuine warmth of the Grenadian people merged with a luxurious property and the greatest amenities, making a spectacular combination that will cause people to stop and take notice the world over. At Sandals, we are always looking to better ourselves as a company and our resorts and we’ve used every ounce of our experience to create something special here.

I hope that you will soon discover that Sandals is much, much more than hotel resorts. We aim to integrate ourselves fully in the community not just through the employment the resort will provide but also through our Sandals Foundation and in the coming weeks and months we’ll be looking at ways of helping wherever we can.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at the company I would like to thank you, the people of Grenada, for the welcome you have shown us. Since the moment we signalled our intentions to acquire the property, the warmth and reception we have received has been nothing short of extraordinary. We never take anything for granted and we will work hard to repay the faith you have placed in us by providing you with a resort you will be proud of.


All the best,

Adam Stewart
Chief Executive Officer
Sandals Resorts International





In the past seven years alone, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in what we call the ‘Luxury Included’ concept. So what is it and why are holidaymakers all over the world raving about it? In order to fully understand what the ‘Luxury Included’ concept is, it’s important to know what it’s not and that’s unimaginative buffet lines, unbranded liquor and cheap, uncomfortable rooms. ‘Luxury Included’ is an ethos, slogan and a guide all rolled into one. It’s where we take the very best of every component of a memorable vacation and combine them.

The key ingredients of a Sandals resort is luxurious rooms and suites including four-poster beds and marbled baths, first class à-la-carte restaurants, signature pool bars, scuba diving and watersports, 24-hour room service, unlimited premium brand liquors and much, much more.

The launch of Sandals LaSource Grenada represents our first expansion into the beautiful island of Grenada and we promise it will be spectacular! 225 rooms and suites across three distinct villages, some uniquely serviced by a personal butler exclusively trained to the standards of the Guild of Professional English Butlers. Can you imagine not having to unpack your bags or run a bath? Imagine lounging by the pool while your own personal butler walks over to hand you a refreshing fruit sorbet, cool towels and cucumber slices? At Sandals LaSource Grenada, this luxury will no longer be imagined — it will be real.


View our e-brochure to learn more.


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