New Traffic Fees Expected to Amount to Millions in Revenue

Personalise license plate similar like this one will soon be seen on vehicles
Personalise license plate similar like this one will soon be seen on vehicles
Personalised license plates will soon be seen on vehicles

Government stands to haul in millions during the vehicle inspection season for 2014 as a result of the House of Representatives granting approval to new fees and the introduction of new services that will directly affect vehicles and their owners.

The fifteen member House of Representatives of the governing New National Party on Friday approved an increase in some fees, and the inclusion of two new services, which according to Gregory Bowen, Leader of Government Business, was being requested or suggested for a long time now.

The new services are personalised license plate which will cost EC$1000 and certificate of extract of entry in Motor Vehicle Register which will cost EC$10. Under the new fees, examination/inspection fees moved from EC$30 to EC$75; while amendments to any register or change of ownership has moved from EC$10 to EC$100; replacement of driver’s license which was free will now cost EC$50; driver’s examination fee moved from EC$10 to EC$30; while the registration of certificate of registration of motor vehicle which was free will now be EC$50.

The new regulation was presented to house by Leader of Government Business Gregory Bowen who is also the Minister responsible for Communications and Works. He explained that the examination fee will be applicable each time a person fails the examination.

In justifying the new fees, he said that Grenada has some of the lowest traffic fees in the region and though it’s not aimed at standardizing the structure, it will bring about a level of balance within the member states of the sub region. “In Dominica, for example, the inspection for a motor vehicle is EC$300 and in Trinidad is TT$300 but here owners just paid EC$30.

The new fees will come into effect once gazetted and date of effect is approved by the Minister as it doesn’t require the approval of the Upper House because it’s an amendment to the regulation which falls into the responsibility of the Minister, and not an amendment to the legislation.

The inspection period for vehicles is between January and June. It is estimated that there are more than 25,000 vehicles approved to be on the road.

by Linda Straker

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