Trade Ministry to Launch “Buy Local” Campaign

20 November is the date set to launch two initiatives that have the potential to bring positive changes to small manufacturers in Grenada especially those in the area of craft making and value added products directly linked to the tourism industry.

When he presented the 2013 budget in April, Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell said that both the Ministry of Trade and the Marketing and National Importing Board will undertake initiatives to boost output visibility and consumption of locally produced products.

“The Marketing and National Importing Board will be restructured and refocused to provide more marketing opportunities for our farmers and to boost local exports. A “buy local” campaign will be launched. This campaign will assist in building awareness and an appreciation of local products,” he said with respect to the MNIB.

“Additionally, the Ministry of Trade is planning a ‘Made in Grenada’ campaign. This initiative will train entrepreneurs, craft vendors and local artisans in enhancing their production capabilities. At the end of the training, a trade show will be held to showcase the products made by Grenadians,” he said.

Sandra Cox in the Ministry of Trade has confirmed that on 20 November, her Ministry will launch the Grenada manufacturers’s Expo, and commence a three month campaign that will bring exposure and increase sales to locally produce products and services.

“The two day Expo in mid December will showcase products made in Grenada and we want as many persons to come out to display,” she said. “It will be an opportunity for craft makers, products in the cottage industry, just about anybody, organisation or company which produces authentic Grenadian products will be on display,” she said.

The buy local campaign will conclude in February 2014 and is one of the many activities that will be linked to Grenada 40th Independence celebrations which will observed on 7 February 2014.

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