Churches Broken Into and Robbed

Office Jones doing a recent demonstration of stolen properties

Police in Grenada says that they have observed a surge in robbery at religious institutions and wants church administrators to place marks on property owned by churches so that they be quickly and easily identified.

“It’s not a case where we are seeing people stealing food from the churches but valuable things such as musical instruments, sacramental wines and even candles,” said Head of the Community Relations Department of the Police Force Rebecca Jones.

Encouraging churches and faith-based organisations to increase safety measures this festive season given the recent spate of break-ins at places of worship, Jones said that the upswing in crime against churches became obvious during the last six months of the year.

It is uncertain whether there is an underground market for musical instruments, as this is one of the more popular things stolen from churches. A statement from the Police called on church administrators to ensure houses of worship are properly secured and locked, and identification marks are placed on musical instruments and other valuables.

“Members are encouraged to pay particular attention to opportunist thieves in their congregation who may be visiting for illicit purposes,” said the statement, which encouraged members of church who live in close proximity to make periodic checks on church buildings and report anything suspicious to the police.

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