Ewart Layne To Launch Book About Grenada’s Revolution

Ewart Layne

“We Move Tonight” is the name of a book written by one of the famous Grenada 17, and the author says it contains “never-before revealed material’’ about  the 1979 overthrow of former Grenada Prime Minister Eric Gairy’s government.

The author is Joseph Ewart Layne, who was among the group that participated in the assault on the army barracks that signalled the start of action that led to the removal of Gairy’s regime almost 35 years ago.

“I am hoping to have an e-version of the book available as soon as 15 January’’ Layne said. “Hard copies would hopefully be available in limited amounts in Grenada from February. Thereafter, commencing from March, copies would be made available in other countries in the Caribbean and beyond.’’

Layne was among 17 government and army officials convicted in the 19 October 1983 events that led to the deaths of revolutionary Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and other Grenadians.

During his stay in prison, Layne earned two law degrees from London University and studied at Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad following his release from jail in 2009. Two weeks ago, a high court judge rejected Layne’s application to be admitted to the local bar to practice law in Grenada, because of his jail conviction.

In We Move Tonight, Layne writes about what he calls the “1983 tragedy’’ and also opines about Grenada since the demise of the revolution and the subsequent invasion of the country by United States forces on 25 October 1983.

In a statement preceding the availability of the book, Layne said that copyright proceeds from We Move Tonight will be used to help establish a foundation that will be “dedicated to preserving the positive memories of the Grenada Revolution through educational, cultural and social welfare work of a non-partisan nature.

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