Medical Tourism Project Closer To Reality

Government has announced that it is working out a deal with St George’s University and other investors to build a substance abuse rehabilitation centre that will become the flagship for the island’s medical tourism.

Among the major investors backing the initiative is Ambassador at Large for Grenada Rabbi Michael Melnik, who resides in New York. Described as a longstanding friend of Grenada, Rabbi Melnik has been actively involved in bringing together different stakeholders necessary to get the start of the art medical tourism facility for the island.

On Monday he was part of a high level delegation of international investors who met with Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell to discuss the project which will be a public/private sector partnership. With the assistance of Chancellor of SGU Dr Charles Modica, and Ambassador Angus Friday, the team believes that it is close to realising Prime Minister Mitchell’s dream of entering into the medical tourism market.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister said that Dr Mitchell noted the importance of such facilities will have in the lives of many of our Grenadian citizens abroad who want to return home in their twilight years but who do not yet have the confidence in our healthcare system to do so.

“Other clientele will include other international citizens who will like to take advantage of the safety and comfort of our shores while recovering from various ailments. A “comprehensive health services facility can go a long way in propelling the economy as well,” said the release.

Dr Charles Modica, Chancellor of St. George’s University, noted that he has had the pleasure of working in Grenada for the past 37 years, and he was thankful for the safe environment created for his University community — most of whom are international — that has enabled the Medical School to consistently maintain its popularity and high standards in education.

The chancellor, according to the release, said that the establishment of a medical tourism facility will further solidify that joint partnership between the University and the Government of Grenada to serve the citizens of Grenada, as well as provide a rich legacy of working to ensure that healthcare is comprehensive, affordable and improved for all.

The implementation of medical tourism will be a joint venture between the Government of Grenada and the St. George’s University. The team, which includes Grenada’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Business, Nickolas Steele, will continue to work to hammer out the details of the investment with the assurance from Prime Minister Mitchell that they have the full commitment of the Government of Grenada.

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