Student Facing Six Charges

Damage to Government Property is one of six charges that a 14 year old secondary school student is facing as a result of an incident at the St George’s bus terminal. The child is seen in a short video physically assaulting the police and then being manhandled by the same officer.

The student, who is presently on EC$6,500 bail with one surety, will make a court appearance on 30 May, and also charged with: Resisting arrest; Wounding; Assault on police; Disorderly behaviour; and using Obscene language in a public place to the annoyance of the Officer.

Since the video was uploaded via Facebook, it has become the focus of many discussions online and other media such as radio programmes. President of the Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child Ann Greaves, described the video as very disturbing, and said that a meeting will be held with the top ranks of the Police Force to thoroughly discuss the matter.

Police has not formally issued a statement on the matter, but it is understood that it is under investigation by senior ranks of the Force. In the video which is no more than 90 seconds, the child which is wearing the tie of a secondary school in St George’s, is initially seen assaulting the police, and then the police engaging force.

The female police involved had her clothes torn and ended up at the casualty and emergency department seeking medical attention.

By Linda Straker




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