Visitor to Prison Caught With Marijuana

Her Majesty's Prison, Richmond Hill, Saint George

Prison officers at the search area for visitors last Saturday, intercepted 79.5 grams of cannabis from the sister of a prisoner.

A police report said that Shenel Gibbs was arrested after she attempted to smuggle the illegal drugs inside of Her Majesty’s Prison, at Richmond Hill on Saturday 1 March, 2014.

At the time of her arrest, the 25 years old of Fenton Village, St. George’s, was visiting her brother, Jexie who is an inmate at the Prison serving a long term sentence for various crimes. In 2012 Jexie who was serving a three year sentence for dangerous harm and was awaiting trial for ammunition possession escaped prison but was recaptured.

His sister has since been charged for the offences of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug with intent to supply. A conviction in the magistrate Court can result in five years imprison or a fine of EC$250,000 if however, the matter goes to the High Court Gibbs can be imprison for ten years and be charge a maximum of EC$500,000.

Gibbs has been granted $10,000 bail with two sureties and is due to appear in Court on 15 April 2014.

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