Family Heartbreak From Recent Fires

Two fires, just three days apart, have brought heartbreak to families in St Mark and St Andrew. A Wednesday fire destroyed several properties in Victoria, and another fire at Balthazar on Saturday claimed two lives.

Parliamentary Representatives for the areas, Dr Clarice Modeste-Curwen and Hon Emmalin Pierre, have empathised with and pledged support for the families affected.

The Wednesday fire destroyed several properties in Victoria, St Mark. Health Minister and Parliamentary Representative for that area, Dr Clarice Modeste–Curwen, empathised with the families who suffered losses. “I am deeply concerned about their losses. My heart goes out to all concerned. I will be home soon to provide support where needed.”

Modeste–Curwen was at the time in Canada attending an international HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention workshop. She indicated that would be returning home to spearhead assistance necessary in support of her constituents.

Three days later, on Saturday morning, the Augustine family of Telescope suffered tragic loss in a fire at Balthazar, which claimed two lives. Hon Emmalin Pierre, Parliamentary Representative for St Andrew South East, and Minister for Youth, Sport and Religious Affairs, visited with the family and offered support.

“The loss of a family member is an extremely trying time. That is why I generally try to reach out to all bereaved families in the constituency. Situations, like this particular one, are even more difficult. That is why I felt it was necessary to drop everything and be here to personally offer my support and condolences to the family. I am going to be here to offer whatever support they will need as they try to cope in the days and weeks ahead,” Pierre said.

Investigations into the causes of both fires are ongoing.

Source: GIS

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