National Nutrition Day is 1 June 2014

National Nutrition Day is 1 June 2014. The Grenada Food & Nutrition Council (GFNC) marks a week of activities by joining the ministries of Agriculture and Health in their “Eat local buy local campaign at Beausejour.” 

National Nutrition Day aims to promote healthy, safe, affordable and sustainable local foods. It is a time to pause between bites and savour the natural flavours, textures, aromas and tastes of the foods we grow and eat, a time to ponder on the many benefits of eating locally grown healthy foods, with pleasure and not hesitation.

This year, we continue to promote LOCAVORE lifestyle, with the theme “be a local eater, small change adds up!” Just as small change in one’s pocket can add up to dollars, small changes toward becoming a LOCAL EATER (LOCAVORE), can add up to huge health payback.

GFNC encourages everyone to join us, be a local eater! START small and reap a healthy life!






By Norma Purcell BSc & Marcia Cameron BSc, MBA
Grenada Food and Nutrition Council

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