Talking About it: Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Issue

Lisa Allen-Agostini. Photo: Josh Yetman/SGU

Inaugural Dame Hilda Bynoe St George’s University (SGU) Writer-in-Residence, Lisa Allen-Agostini, will end her visit to Grenada with a reading and discussion called “Talking About it: Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Issue,” hosted by Groundation Grenada.

The event is scheduled to take place 9 May, from 5:30–7:30pm, at the Brooks–Smith–Lowe Institute, Calivigny. The event is free and open to the public.

“Talking About it: Child Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Issue” will begin with a reading by Allen-Agostini from her work in progress, a novel that looks at the effects child sexual abuse has on its adult survivors. Her manuscript was her main project during her 15-week residency at SGU.

“Research shows that children who were sexually abused often grow up into adults who don’t care about themselves, and who are prone to entering other abusive relationships,” said Allen-Agostini. “It may be linked to the spread of HIV in region. Women aged 15–25 represent the highest number of new infections.”

Lisa Allen-Agostini. Photo: Josh Yetman/SGU
Lisa Allen-Agostini. Photo: Joshua Yetman/SGU

Following the reading, SGU Public Health lecturer Fatima Friday, and Public Relations Officer of the Grenada Public Health Association Dr Kecia Brooks-Smith-Lowe will be part of a panel discussing child sexual abuse and its possible ramifications. These may include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and a propensity for risk taking.

Fatima Friday MEd, is an Instructor and Practicum Coordinator at the SGU Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. Her research interests include psychoneuroimmunology, optimal health and wellness methodologies, science and art symposium coordination facilitation, and anthropological research. An American Board Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Dr Kecia Brooks-Smith-Lowe is also an Affiliate Purna Yoga Instructor. She holds a Masters in Public Health from SGU.

Founded in 1999 the Brooks-Smith-Lowe Institute offers professional health care in a modern facility specialising in Internal Medicine (adults) and Pediatrics (children). The Institute is also the home of Spice Harmony Yoga Studio.

Groundation Grenada is social action collective with a mission to provide active, safer spaces to incubate new modes of resistance that build from the local to affect regional and international solidarity and change. They primarily pursue their mission online through the use of their website and social media. However, Groundation also does outreach through live events and special projects in collaboration with local, regional and international artists, activists and institutions.

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