Groovy Semi And Tent Clash This Week

Groovy Semi and Tent Clash will be this week at Carnival City. Hundreds of patrons are expected to gather on Wednesday night for the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Monarch semi final competition, and on Thursday night for the clash of the two tents.

Thirty three artistes including two former Groovy Monarchs are competing to be among the 15 who will be selected to dethrone Blackadan – the reigning Groovy Monarch. In order of appearance for the show are:

1. Shanda

2. Randy Isaac

3. Teddy Rhymes

4. Papa Jerry

5. Shortpree

6. Boyzie

7. Skinny Banton

8. Lil Natty & Thunda

9. Penny and Kirkton

10. Ajamu

11. Juice

12. Terra Kid

13. Killa B

14. Coxilus

15. Papi Boy

16. Irvin A Isaac

17. Lil Vaughan

18. Mr Walkie

19. Sylum

20. Baby L

21. Ranking Marvin

22. Ghozt Walker

23. Leftist

24. Scholar

25. Allan G

26. Laura Lisa

27. Yaga and Simple Dan

28. Immortal Chain

29. Boogie B

30. D Hammer

31. Young Wizz

32. Sheldon Douglas

33. Mr Gold’n

Calypsonians from King Man Calypso Tent and Kaiso Bards will on Thursday night clash at Carnival city as they come together to perform on the same stage for a captive audience. Some of the names expected to perform on the night are former kings Ajamu, Scholar and Wizard, as well as finalists to the DiMarche Gras stage, such as Mr X, Persuader and Sour Serpent.

“Both tents have a number of big guns as we call them, with good social and political commentaries so patrons can expect a good show at the clash,” said a representative from Megaforce Promotion, the main promoters of Carnival City for 2014.

Carnival City is located at the car park of the Public Workers Union building on the Port Highway. In the meantime Spicemas Corporation will be holding the annual Grenlec Traditional mas competition in the town of Victoria on Saturday 26 July. The Children Carnival Frolic will be on 2 August  at the Tanteen Tennis Court.

By Linda Straker

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