July In Grenada History

300 years ago, the cultivation of cocoa, coffee and cotton commenced in Grenada.

In 1714, it is recorded that vessels trading between Martinique and the Spanish Main began to call at Grenada for water and supplies, giving a great impetus to trade. It is worthy of note that the tobacco which was grown on the island at this period is said to have been of such superior quality that it realised double and treble the price of that grown in the other islands.

According to the 1897 Grenada Handbook, these are the highlights of this month in history

  • 1 July 1796: 14 insurgents (related to the Fedon Rebellion) executed
  • 4 July 1779: Grenada surrenders to the French
  • 26 July 1833: St Andrew’s Anglican church consecrated
  • 26 July 1879: St George’s water supply from Soulier introduced



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