Citizens In Defence Congratulates Kirani

Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands and Heritage joins with the rest of the nation and well wishers all over the world in congratulating Kirani James, “the Jaguar,” on his most recent international feat on the track, winning the gold in the 400 metres and establishing a meet record at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

For yet another occasion, Grenada stood still for Kirani, took off its “colour lenses” and everyone was just PROUD to be a Grenadian whose “navel string bury here”, as he blazed the track and showed off GRENADA TO THE WORLD, at no costs to the nation. We salute Kirani’s performance on and off the track, a patriot and genuine AMBASSADOR of our nation. Those of us who heard his interview with the BBC would have noted the many times and the feeling with which he spoke of the “people back home.”

In moments like these, we cannot help but reflect on what our citizenship means – a shared identity and a connection embraced by those who share it – something that a rich buyer of our passports and citizenship cannot feel because, for them, our citizenship is just an accessory, a bit of expensive “bling.”

At a time too, when the nation borrowed money to pay USD 0.5 million to host Caribbean Premier League cricket to “promote Grenada” we do hope that the National Tourism Authority will let us know the dollar value of Kirani’s contribution and the potential  target reached. We know that the value of Kirani’s contribution will be astronomical. Perhaps too, the Ministry of Youth and Sports could also begin to re-evaluate its priorities. Forgive us for suggesting that the investment(?) in the CPL could have been made in the CPP – the Cuthbert Peters Park and Pavilion, in Kirani’s hometown of Gouyave – in appreciation for his continuing phenomenal contribution, showcasing our nation on the international stage.

Thanks again Kirani! Well done!

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