Integrity Commission Warns Police Officers

Office of The Integrity Commission

The Office of the Integrity Commission has warned a number of police officers that their names will be published in the local newspapers and the Government Gazette, if they do not comply with the request to declare their assets in according with the Public Life legislation.

According to a notice, 25 senior officers between the ranks of Commissioner of Police to Inspector have failed to declare their assets, but an extension date of 28 August 2014, will be the final deadline. Officers who have been granted extension of time to file declarations, have been issued with a notice to do so on 28 August.

“The officer who has been served with a final notice is also required to file declaration on 28 August 2014,” states the notice which was published in recent editions of the Government Gazette. “The name of any officer who has failed to file his/her declarations, will be published in the Gazette and the newspapers. A subsequent failure will be followed by Court proceedings.” The notice is signed by Eunice E Sandy-David, Administrative Manager of the Office.

2014 marks the first year for persons in public life to declare their assets, and thus the information provided to the Office will served as a benchmark for assets. According to the law, there are 33 categories of persons who are described as Public Life Officials, starting with the members of the Commission. It also includes Parliamentarians, Permanent Secretaries, Senior Administrative Officers, Magistrates, Members of the Public Service Commission, all legal officers, Chairpersons; Deputy Chairpersons, Chief Executives and Deputy Chief Executives of all statutory bodies to all public officers, including non-established officers receiving a salary in excess of EC$2,000.

All declarations filed with the Commission and the records of the Commission are secret and confidential and shall not be made public, save and except where a particular declaration or record is required to be produced by an Order of the Court for the purpose of court proceedings directly linked the Public Life Act or the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Where an unauthorised person publishes information that was submitted to the Integrity Commission, that person according to the legislation, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding EC$20,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year.

By Linda Straker

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