TAMCC Lecturers Association Formed

The Lecturers’ Association (TLA) of T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) was registered on 22 January, 2014. Its mission is to build synergistic relationship among TAMCC’s lecturers, administration staff and the general public through effective communication, cooperation and responsibilities.

TAMCC is Grenada’s only home-grown tertiary institution which grew out of an amalgamation of The Grenada Teachers’ College, The Grenada Technical and Vocational Institute, The Institute for Further Education, The National Institute of Handicraft, The Mirabeau Agricultural Training School, The Domestic Arts Institute, and The Continuing Education Programme. The college was established on 1 July, 1988, and was then called Grenada National College. TAMCC is an institution of diverse talents and skills, and provides outstanding services in many areas of study.

One very important element of TAMCC is the dedication of its lecturers who continue to give selflessly, amidst severe challenges of many kinds. The Lecturers’ Association therefore, is a necessity. It seeks to strengthen communication between lecturers and other stakeholders, to develop professional growth of lecturers through research and publication, to engage in more organized community service, and to create advocacy for lecturers. TLA is deeply committed to providing accessible, quality education and training for all.


Adunni A Johnson: Education: LIC. Accounting. B.Sc., M.Sc. Areas: Accounting and Financing. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: President
Oliver Dragon: Education: B.Sc. Hon. Biology, Mphi Natural Resource. Area: Environmental Science. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Vice President.
Antonia Cadore Calliste: Education: B.A., M.A. Area: Sociology, Social Science. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Secretary
Kenrick McSween Education: ACCA. Area: Accounting and Financing. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Treasurer
Laurie Calliste: Education: LIC. Economics. Area: Economics and Accounting. Lecturer: TAMCC
Victor S.D Philip: Education: B.Eng. HON. Area: Electronics and Communication. Assistant Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Public Relations Officer
Denny A Pierre: Education: CHSEP, B.Sc., M.A. Areas: Caribbean Studies and Critical Thinking. Assistant Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Rep SAAT (School of Applied Arts and Technology)













Lisa Francis Charles: Education: B.Sc., M.Ed. Area: Business. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Rep SCE (School of Continuing Education)







Walt Orson Williams: Education: B.Sc. Area: Sociology & Psychology. Lecturer: TAMCC. Position: Rep (Carriacou Six roads campus)


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